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Is The EV Revolution Still Happening?

(by Irina Slaw)

..prima o poi l'evidenza tecnica, economica ed ambientale emerge..

"During the latest profit season, executives from the auto industry probably surprised many by announcing revisions to their EV plans.

GM gave up its production targets. Tesla's Elon Musk warned about waning EV demand. Honda and GM canceled their joint venture that would have developed more affordable EVs.

Cars are piling up in dealers' lots. Thousands of chargers are not working, and there are not enough technicians to fix them. The EV dream might be over before it really began.

"As we get further into the transformation to EV, it's a bit bumpy," GM's chief executive, Mary Barra, said at the presentation of the auto major's third-quarter results

Mercedes-Benz CFO Harald Wilhelm was blunter: "This is a pretty brutal space," he said on the Q3 earnings call. "I can hardly imagine the current status quo is fully sustainable for everybody."

The status quo Wilhelm referenced features rising EV sales, which might make some wonder why the executive is unhappy about it. "............

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