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Commissione UE: avremo mai qualcuno competente in Europa?

EU Rules on Methane Curbs May Boost LNG Industry,

(Bloomberg) -- New rules on curbing methane emissions in Europe’s energy sector may actually boost the case for liquefied natural gas and shouldn’t affect exports from the US.

“All of the progress around emissions reduction is positive for the gas business,” Peter Clarke, senior vice president for global LNG at Exxon Mobil Corp., said at the Wood Mackenzie Ltd. oil and gas conference in London. “Ultimately it delivers what we are selling, which is a lower greenhouse gas-intensity fuel, and takes coal out of the picture if you do it properly.”

Poi magari dovranno raccontare che il metano se è liquefatto...è un metano diverso e più "green"....Previsione di prezzi delle commodities in forte rialzo per il periodo WIN23

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