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L'Europa dovrebbe evitare gli errori degli USA

U.S. Remains Painfully Dependent on China for Silicon and Solar Panels

ByMetal Miner- May 24, 2024, 2:00 PM CDT

The Renewables MMI (Monthly Metals Index) continued its slight downward trend month-on-month, dropping by 3.8%. Two large components of the index, silicon and cobalt prices, continue to experience drops due to lingering renewable energy supply bottlenecks from 2023. This, along with falling grain-oriented electrical steel prices, brought the index down


The United States relies heavily on China for its solar panel supply. However, this dependence on Chinese manufacturing raises several concerns. One issue of note is the alleged use of forced labor in China’s Xinjiang area, which generates a significant portion of the world’s polysilicon, the primary component used in solar panels.


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